President Message

KCM is in charge of development and production in the wheel loader business. For more than half a century since we shipped our first Made in Japan wheel loader in 1960, we have continued to carry on tradition and lead progress.
Society expects construction machinery to help support a social infrastructure that will function as the base of life in the community. The applications of our wheel loaders support people’s lives in a variety of fields that extend past the traditional boundaries of “construction machinery,” being used within diverse natural and social environments throughout the world that include a variety of sites such as civil engineering, construction, mining, quarrying, as well as factories, ports, snow removal, and agriculture, forestry and livestock industries. Our machinery is popular for its high quality, durability, and work performance, and in recent years, the aspects of energy saving, safety, and environmental measures, as well as the capabilities for automation and digitization as seen in AI and IoT, have become essential to our equipment.
Our basic philosophy is “To contribute to society by manufacturing impressive products, and to pursue the happiness of all people involved in corporate development and businesses.” We will create high quality, high value-added products that match the needs of society through monozukuri (Japanese-style manufacturing) that is based on our extensive knowledge of wheel loaders and many years of experience. We hope to contribute to all people involved with our products, including our customers and trading partners.
We hope for your continued patronage as we strive to pursue excellence.


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