1. For our cutomers

By providing highly reliable products and a stable supporting operation, we have achieved improved production and total cost reductions for our customers.
We support the operation of highly reliable products throughout the product lifecycle from the manufacture of construction machinery to its use. We are always aiming to improve customer satisfaction and constantly grow as a construction machinery manufacturer.

2. For Local Communities

We work at meeting the product and service demands and needs for each region around the globe. In order to create sustainable growth faced with tough global competition and demanding environments, we maximize our domestic and global resources. In addition , we, promote a structure for development, manufacturing, sales, and achievement systems to realize a value chain in after-sales service.

3. For the Earth

We strive to create infrastructure that matches the environment with the array of advanced technology that come with our construction machinery and systems.
We focuse on the creation of environmental value from the manufacture of its products to the utilization of the construction machinery by the customer, and challenge to help find solutions to issues in society. We promote the improvement of social infrastructure with consideration to the circulation of resources based on low carbon, and to further contribute to building a sustainable society with our customers.

4. For People

We maximize the potential of human capital by sharing our sense of values, training global human resources, and promoting diversity.
For our aim of being a true global player, each and every one of our employee across the world is an indispensable asset. We support the growth of our people, and in order to promote the continued growth of the company, we actively develop a corporate climate and the creation of human wealth on a variety of fronts.

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