Special Application & Special Attachments


The Agriculture application package for loading grain, compost or other light weight or fine materials.  Special features include cooling packages, high lift arms, cab filtration systems. 

Block Handler Afbeelding2

The Block Handler package specifically for heavy block quarries. While KCM has been providing wheel loaders for work in limestone quarries with the mid-sized (up to 70Z class) loader and 92Z – 135Z (machine operating weight 25t – 48t) loaders work well in the marble quarry.
・Up to 92Z (machine operating weight 25t and up ) are often used with the special heavy block handling package as well as a standard bucket.
・The special heavy block handling package includes:
・Quick coupler
・Quick fork
・Short boom arm
・Additional counter weight
・Power boost for loading hydraulic line


The chemical application package with special protection for the electrical systems, cooling systems and hydraulic systems to increase durability and reliability in corrosive environments.


The Logging application packages to handle the heavy load demands of logging and the dusty environment application.  Special lift arms, counter weighting, guarding and third spool hydraulics all contribute to the high performance level of your KCM loader.

Snow Remover

KCM produces a snow removal package based on the KCM wheel loader.  Although it performs much like a dozer when used in conjunction with a blade or plowing attachment, the Z linkage remains to increase versatility.  KCM produces snow removal dozers in the 50Z – 80Z sizes.

Steel Mill

The hot slag package for this severe application to include special guarding safety systems and a cab air filtration system.  All systems for this demanding application were developed primarily to prevent damage and injury due to extreme heat as well as the dusty environment.  The KCM hot slag package is available from the 90Z through the 115ZV.

Waste Handling

The waste handling package for all types of refuse, recycling and processing of solid waste materials.  Equipped with special guarding, cab filtration, tires and attachments the KCM Wheel Loader will provide a productive and safe machine for this demanding environment.  The KCM waste/refuse/recycling package is available from the 70Z to the 95Z.

Coal Bucket

In a thermal power station wheel loaders are often used for coal handling.  The materials density of coal is 800kg/m3, which requires a special coal bucket.

Grapple Bucket

Grapple bucket combines a normal bucket and a grapple and is therefore suitable for a multitude of jobs.  It can be used for transporting and loading of branches, wood chip, compost, straw, manure, construction waste and etc.  It can also be used as a normal bucket with the grapple in the upright position.

High-Dump Bucket


The High dump bucket for use with light materials such as wood chips, grain or coke. The advantage of the High Dump Bucket allows a standard boom wheel loader to efficiently load high sided dump trucks and rail cars. Because the distance between the front tire center and the material center of gravity is not extended beyond the standard machine, bucket capacity is not sacrificed while machine stability and efficiency are maintained.

High Lift Arm


The High lift arm and super high lift arm options for the most demanding applications requiring higher dump clearance and increased reach. Designed to compliment the new high capacity dump trucks, KCM wheel loaders equipped with the high lift option increase productivity and efficiency.

Multi Purpose Bucket

The Multi-Purpose Bucket, otherwise known as the four-in-one bucket, can be used for a variety of operations, including scooping, transporting, leveling, picking and slushing.  This versatile bucket maximizes productivity.

Side Dump Bucket

The Side Dump Bucket is designed to operate in limited space environments or where wheel loader maneuverability is limited.  Tunnel projects are a great example of the effectiveness of a side dump bucket.  The wheel loader is equipped with various guards for protection and safety.

Skelton Bucket

The Skeleton Bucket is designed to sift raw materials such as sand and stone.  It is primarily used in macadam, civil engineering and dam projects.

Slide Fork

The Slide Fork is well suited to rough or uneven ground in loading operations.  The Slide Fork is used in conjunction with a quick coupler, which makes it adaptable to a variety of attachments.  The quick coupler allows the operator to change attachments quickly, with the convenience of never leaving the cab.  The linkage arms and coupler are designed for superior visibility, facilitating the changing of attachments.

Wood chip Bucket

The Woodchip Bucket is used primarily for wood chip applications.  Due to the light material density (=500 kg/m3) the capacity of the bucket is much larger than the general purpose bucket. The KCM Woodchip package is available on 70Z through the 115Z.

The above special application & special attachments may contain the items which are not available at your area.
Please consult your local distributor for those items which you require.

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